Jen Michaels headshotStrategy is a form of digital storytelling.

That’s why I love being a strategist in Columbus, Ohio with its thriving tech and startup scene.

I love that “aha” moment when clients and colleagues come together around innovative ideas–and those ideas are usually based in human stories about technology. My job is to find those stories and bring them to the surface. That’s true whether I’m working directly with clients, doing research, shaping strategies, designing new content, or auditing existing content.

By day, I work at Mindset Digital, helping legacy companies transform into forward-thinking businesses for the digital era.

On nights and weekends, I tinker with my personal content-strategy laboratory and passion project: The Saddle Geek, a web site that helps shoppers of English-style saddles find the perfect saddle for horse and rider.

Before jumping  into full-time digital strategy, I was doing digital strategy work within higher education. As a full-time faculty member and as a graduate student, I mixed award-winning teaching with cutting-edge tech projects. For example, I helped a six-member faculty team design and build custom software for a Massive Open Online Course.

When I’m not doing strategy work, I’m probably…

  • playing ukulele
  • riding horses
  • working out at CrossFit Clintonville
  • reading books about gamification and digital trends.

To learn more, find me on LinkedIn, Twitter at @JenLMichaels, and Instagram.