I’ve taken several personality tests, and I’d say that I’m pretty much as advertised. Here’s some highlights from the results.

Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0

Top 5 Themes:

Strategic – good at finding new ways to do things, spotting trends and issues, and creating buy-in from others for new projects and initiatives.

Learner – has a passion for learning new things, synthesizing lots of different data sources into a coherent whole, and sharing ideas with others.

Input – has a love of collecting information and deep-diving on topics of interest, then sharing that information with others.

Intellection – has a love for synthesizing information into a meaningful whole, talking about complex ideas, and asking new questions that others might not think to ask.

Individualization – good at identifying the talents and interests of others, building teams with complementary skills, and matching people with tasks that they’ll enjoy.

Predictive Index Testing

Excerpts from Personal Results Summary

“An ingenious and innovative problem-solver and trouble-shooter, [Jen] has an actively inquiring mind, a lively interest in the technical aspects of her work, and a need to know and learn more about the systems, techniques, facts, and concepts involved in it. She will pursue her goals regardless of setbacks, opposition, or previous failures by others. Jen has the kind of self-confidence necessary to initiate and drive large-scale or even unpopular change.

To maximize her effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Jennifer with the following:

  • Opportunities for learning and exposure to various aspects and responsibilities of the business, moving as fast as circumstances permit (she is a fast learner)
  • Encouragement in expression of and action on her ideas and initiatives, with as much independence as possible
  • Variety and challenge in her work in an environment in which new ideas are valued”